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Paperless Post

 Hi guys, It’s been a while! I wanted to create a blog section for 2019. 

I wanted to share a special project that I have been thinking tediously about. If you didn’t know (which I’m sure you don’t) my oldest sister surprised everyone in my family by announcing she’s expecting her first child. Yay!

I was so excited to hear the news, even more excited well more nervous to become an aunt. I wanted to show appreciation for this wonderful moment by sending my sister words of encouragement through the art of monthly posts. 

I know your probably scratching your head going, huh?

Here’s what I mean:

So recently I was approached by Paperless Posts, an online company that designs customizable online stationery, to show that communication can be personal and well-designed regardless of the medium. 

They have hundreds of stationary designs for any beautiful occasion all customizable from the comfort of your phone. Using them for this personal life changing occasion was a no brainer for me. 

 I’ll be creating a series of personal e-postcards to send to my sister every month until her little bundle of joy is born. My sister is currently  3 months now but I still would like to share from now until her last trimester beautifully designed cards. 

Here is the first design using Paperless Post:

I’m so excited how this post came out, I loved using Paperless Post for such a happy moment. My sister adored it and I can’t wait to use them for the next few months. 

Check them out here, if you are wanting to create invitations for events, birthdays and much more I would highly suggest trying them.