7. Pitchfork 2017

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Man this week has been a crazy whirlwind of fun. I went to Pitch fork Music Festival this past Sunday and got to see Solange perform and man I did not expect her to come off stage and sing into the crowd and better yet sing right next to me long enough for me to take videos and pictures of it. My night was made after that, I woke up the next morning squealing and acting like a complete kid every time I replayed the (very shaky but still decent ) video. 

Me and James agree that this has been the best performance we've witnessed in so long we can't get over how talented and humble Solange was. The choreography was more like a masterpiece and eloquently executed it was absolutely breathtaking to be there to witness everything. I hope one day I'll witness another great performance like this one but for now I'll sit here and appreciate Solange for reassuring me that there are true artists out here in the world. 




Me and James at Pitchfork Music Festival 2017

Me and James at Pitchfork Music Festival 2017



July 19, 2017



6. Minnesota, St. Paul

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This past weekend I got the opportunity to travel to Minneapolis for a photoshoot for Moon Magazine. Moon Mag is a local magazine whose mission is to highlight the complexity and depth of the everyday "wild and complicated woman"(read all about them here). 

This was the first time I have ever gotten on an airplane completely by myself and it was the most nerve racking yet independent thing that I feel like I have done in so long (yeah, I know your probably rolling your eyes like come on girl, a plane ride made you feel like that?) that it actually made me feel as if I was doing something right in my life for once.

My Airbnb was so creative. I really don't have the right words to describe it but as creatively curated LOL and that my host Sean had exceptionally great service and the cutest little Doberman named Scorch.  

My trip to Minnesota was such a great trip. Just full of smiles and memories that will be cherished forever. I felt so good to just be able to do nothing for a few days and just talk with inspiring women about living creative lives, and twirling around in some beautiful clothing. Cant wait to share with everyone the final product when it's all finished and printed and i have a copy in my hands. I still can't believe I was chosen to do this and I'm so grateful that I got this opportunity. So since I can't just yet show anything from the Moon Mag shoot, heres some curated images of my fav things inside my Minneapolis Airbnb home. 

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June 19th, 2017


5. Change is Coming


It really does feel like forever since I have written a journal post. I've sadly been neglecting this part of my webpage for too long and so I just wanted to take the time out and share with you guys whats been going on with me. 

So for the past two weeks I have been dealing with some things as far as work goes. I recently lost a young lady that I worked for and it saddens me that this world has lost such a precious, generous and beautiful soul.

Ever since this drastic turn of event has taken place I have been stressed about what my next move will be. but at the same time I don't want to stress myself out, so I have been keeping a positive outlook and keeping my spirits lifted by continuing to do things to help me get through this situation. Being able to work is of course always my top priority, and I didn't make a load of money while working with this lady; but I was content with it. Which in hinesight wasn't really good for me, because it didn't help me strive and reach for better things for myself. All it did was make me stay at the dream,hope and pray that it falls into my lap stage.  Now that this has happened it really has me thinking in a different manner, that I really should buckle down and do more for myself this time around. I've even started to wonder if this was a way of the universe  showing me that this was not the time to settle and become comfortable. I always wanted more for myself but I always had the tendency to not push myself and to become quit lazy when it came to having to do something outside of my comfort zone. I'm kinda scared about having to straighten up my life but I'm looking forward to it at the same time. I want to actively pursue things that challenge me, help me grow and also help me become financially stable as a woman. I'm looking forward to it and I hope that with prayer and positive thinking and active pursuit something will come my way and Lord I hope quickly haha. 

peace + Love

Caroyn Lorraine



May 31,2017



4. My Birthday


It was my birthday this past Wednesday and the weather was perfect. rain all day. (rolls eyes).

but that didn't stop me and James from making it a productive day. I actually celebrated my birthday Tuesday as well as Wednesday. It really wasn't anything extravagant, and we didn't do anything that we don't particularly do every week but nontheless it was special.

Tuesday we took a trip to my favorite spot in Pilsen. Belli's!  first we grabbed a quick coffee at Spoke and Bird down the street and came back so I could get my favorite food in the world. You guys; I just wanna say that I am very very very obsessed with Belli's Chicago avocado toast. If you have not tried the egg Ava.Toast you have to try it. Please do. Not even kidding I literally dream about their avocado toast once a week. probably more, but I'd be too embarrassed to tell you. But there's a possibility that I may think about their avocado toast more then I imagine I do. So for my birthday (or the day before the big day) I had to treat myself to the A Toast. Also they have the most delicious selection of Paleo sweets. Yes! healthy (kinda...cause sweets are sweets right? no getting around that) mouthwatering goodness. 

After Belli's we took our weekly trip to Garfield Park Conservatory (Cause it seems like were at GP every week or every other week) to clear our heads, breath some fresh air and relax. So yeah short and sweet that was practically all of my Tuesday. 

 For Wednesday (MY BIRTHDAY!!) James surprised me with the cutest birthday cake in the morning. So genius to start the day with 3 slices of fruit tart cake. After work (yea I worked on my birthday *rolls eyes*) we checked out a new coffee shop off of Elston called Werewolf coffee. Such a cool space and delicious coffee. After grabbing our caffeine fix we headed to Sprout home and James got me a cute medium sized fiddle fig leaf plant which I had been wanting for some time. Ugh, I love that plant so much its ridiculous. Afterwards I headed back to work and it was still raining. So I decided to end the day after work.

It was much more fun and exciting then this journal post sounds. Trust me haha I really enjoyed my birthday and I can't wait to celebrate James birthday in a couple months.  

Oh I wanna thank everyone once again for all the birthday love on my instagram that was so awesome. I know this is like my third time saying thanks but I really appreciated it guys haha

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April 10,2017